jewellery nomad / wood

I love to work with wood. Each time I find a new branch I am curious what is hidden inside. The moment I slice into the branch, it is like a new adventure. Like gem stones, every piece of wood is unique and precious. Even though my working process is consistent, I treat every single slice with all my attention and care as they are all individually special.


I saw along the annual rings of the wood to get separate circles. They are cut slightly bevelled to be able to extend them to their threedimensional shapes.


Metaphorically, my physical journey is reflected in my jewellery, I travel from the inside and the outside, sawing around the annual rings of the wood. It is a kind of meditation for me. It concentrates all my attention on the process and at the same time gives me the possibility to develop new ideas while creating and sitting at my bench.


While travelling I prefer to work only with tools that fit into the limited space of my backpack: a saw, a hand drill, pliers and files.


Quest for meaning. Values. Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go to? The big questions everyone is asking? To look behind the curtain, searching for value and sense.

Disillusionment, isn’t it a good thing as it brings us closer to the truth? But why is it almost every time connected to pain and heartache, why isn’t it then a situation we can celebrate?

And why do we learn most out of our crisis and not out of the good times? Sometimes things, situations need to break in order to get a clearer focus and to find the treasure. And then, how do you know if that what you think you might have found is the truth or might it be just another illusion, another veil to lift?

Now, additional to the wood there appear in my works slade, steal nail – solid materials with their own beauty. The colour of the threads are not decent anymore but brightly red. Between the lines gold is shimmering, the one who searches will discover?